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Safety Rules / Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is a half day hire and a full day hire?
A. A half a day hire is 4 hours and a full day is 7 hours.

Q. Is a deposit required for the booking?
A. If you want to secure your booking a small deposit of $50.00 is or more is required. Send a money order made out to JUMP'n'SLIDE Inflatable's 4 days prior to your event. (your deposit can only be refunded if it's raining)

Q. Can we pay ca$h or credit card?
A. Payment can be made in Ca$h or Credit Card on the day of setting up jumping castle to the delivery driver or Direct Credit 4 days prier to the event, to secure your booking; we can provided an invoice (if requested).

Q. Are you Insured?
A. YES we have a 20,000,000.00 Public Liability for every KIDS safety.

Q. Is there a delivery fee to my area?
Delivery charges across Sydney may occur: To get a price for Delivery to your area please call (02) 9718 5532 or 0400 646 848 for a FREE quote.

Q. How much space is required for the jumping castle?
A. Most of our castles will fit on a 6m x 7m area and at least 5m in height but you can check each castles dimensions click Castles/Hire page or by calling the office on (02) 9718 5532 or 0400 646 848.

Q. Can I place the jumping castle on any type of floor?
A. Almost any type of floor as long as there is NOT much of a slope or stones, on concrete, paves or stones you can request to hire safety mats(x2) (additional charge of $20.00)

Q. Want happens if it showers/rains?
A. We will contact you the day before the event, and in the morning (if needed) to decide if the jumping castle will be set up or cancelled. (there is NO cancellation FEE if it's because of wet weather).

Q. Can you take the jumping castle up steps?
A. Some of the small jumping castles can be taking up steps, this is why we ask the question in the Booking/Enquiry (an additional charge apply)

Q. Will you be able to deliver and setup the jumping castle into my backyard/Venue?
A. We will have NO problems delivering and setting up if you have at least 90cm clearance between the access path. If there are any obstructions such as air-con, water heaters, etc in the way an additional charge may apply.

Q. Will the jumping castle be delivered and set up before the party starts?
A. Depending of the arrangements made between yourself and JUMP’n’SLIDE, in some cases we may need to deliver the jumping castle earlier than your party starts (at NO additional charge), but in most cases our staff will deliver 30 min prior to your starting time.                                             

Q. How far does the castle need to be from any walls, tree branches or nearby structures?
A. At least a minimum of 50cm to 100cm back and sides, front minimum 100cm to 150cm.

Q. Does the castle need to stay up the whole time?
A. Yes the jumping castle must stay on for the 4 or 7 hour Hire. 

Q. Does the jumping castle require continuous supervising at all times?
A. YES somebody over the age of 18 yrs old will need to supervise at All times for the kids safety or we can provide you one adult supervision for $45.00 per hour.

Q. Can we keep the jumping castle for longer, after we book it in for the 4 or 7 hours?
Maybe if the driver can fit it in his route, an additional fee of $40.00 per hour.

Q. How many children can be on the jumping castle at the same time?
A. Our jumping castles hold between 8 to 10 children all under the age of 10yrs. The responsible adult supervising the children will also need to make sure an appropriate mix of children are on the castle at any given time.

Q. Do the jumping castles have any type of sun and shower cover?
A. YES all our jumping castles have sun and shower covers.

Q. Are your jumping castles clean and in good condition?
YES our castles come clean and in good condition to your home/venue,

Q. Are we responsible for any damage or cleaning of the castle after use?
A.YES you are responsible for any damage to the castle caused by misuse and you will be charged for the cost of the repair in this case. You also need to make sure that the castle is in a clean state prior to pick up. You will be charged a fee of $100.00 if our staff needs to clean the jumping castle after you.

Q. What are the basic guidelines to avoid damage or staining your jumping castles?
A. Avoid bringing into the jumping castle anything that may cause damage or mess. The main things are: Shoes, sharp objects, streamers, silly strings, children with face painting, food and drinks. All of those things will damage the castle in some way (staining or tearing the vinyl). Please be very careful as you will be charged for the cost of any repairs.

Q. Can the jumping castle be set up in a public/park?
A. YES only for kid’s parties, provide you get council approval. We can set up within 5m (16 feet) from where all the guests are sitting. If there is NO power, there will be additional charge of $150.00 for a generator to run the jumping castle.

Q. Do you hirer out on public holidays?
A. YES we do hirer out on public holidays. An additional charge will apply.

Q.Can we put water on the jumping castle?                                                                                                               
sorry because our Public Liability will NO cover you or your guests.

REMEMBER, It’s always better to be SAFE than SORRY!

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